Goal of my current Life.

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Lets write down some goals so I can enjoy crossing em out!

  • Continue to work on Memoriam
  • Finish Dream Chaser Pitch book
  • Finish the 8 sec animation for Last War
  • Start working on Cactus animation
  • Earn money somehow…
  • Attend I-Con!

New/Old Art

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haha I just colored it = =;;

Work Schedule~

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Making a work schedule for myself so I wouldn’t fall behind~

Oct 14 – Oct 22

Finish story script & Thumbnails.
Research about Anime Boston
Layout map for Lili-mon

Oct 22 – ???

Draw, ink and tone two pages each week.
Start visualizing short flash 2-3 min animation.

Goal: Work at least 6 hr each week day.

Goal of MAI LIFE!!! for now…

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Lets organize things ~!

  • brain storm/write down story for StoryArk
  • Make flier for Caelum
  • Make pitchbook for SSP
  • Help Kate to make table look cool . . . maybe with some flowers … sort off =D too late now lol

That’s all *sparkles*

Theories on Zombies

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Just because I have to state that zombies are creatures that I do not understand.

The resident evil / futuristic zombies = crazy infected people that spreads viruses . . . THEY ARE NOT DEAD!!! its just they lost their mind … viruses need a living host, there is no possible way for virus to move around a dead body. And if the virus manages the restart the body it only means that the body is alive, therefore they are not zombies. Just insane people with deadly agendas who suddenly developed a taste for human flesh.

Old time zombies = Magical creatures like unicorns. If a corpse that lost all its bodily functions can move around and have the urge to eat people it must mean that they run on magic period. And if you use magic to start a dead body that still mean that they are alive. Then the magic would become the equivalent of a virus . . .

Zombies are so magical ~

Team Rocket Family Portrait

•August 16, 2010 • 1 Comment

Just a day in my life as a team rocket grunt.

Caelum: Under the White Sky

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I finished yay, and I’m finally posting it here…

My SVA 2010 Thesis, enjoy