Phantom need Love…

I watched Phantom of the Opera few days ago. Quite an interesting experience =-=

First of all i got lost in the rain looking for the theater, and then realized that the theater was right in front of me…then sat in the wrong seat. I had squeeze past a lot of people and I am sure they are not that happy about it. Finally i settled down, but i am still wet from the rain. Its pretty cold in there ;__;

I love the atmosphere in the theater, especially the angel sculptures on the side of the stage, but after a few scenes i realized that their eyes glow evily in the dark… ==;;; I wonder if other people saw it too…

Now on to the character, Phantom. After the show I concluded that he is better suited as an ninja. He is great at sneaking around and scaring people and he love to use flash bombs. Phantom adores a fancy entrance and exit. He just have to throw flash bombs to blind everyone = =;;; However I do feel sorry for him…he whimpers in a dark little corner while Christine and “how to spell his name guy” sails off happy singing with sparkling background. Phantom was left alone in the end hugging his music box and singing quietly to himself. Poor phantom. I still love youuu~~ i really want to shout to him = =;;


Non the less he is still moi beloved XD

I love the effects in the musical, however does phantom have to shoot fire balls out of his cane? and does he have to wear that ugly hat?

I still liked the show tho :3 its a great experience XD

~ by hotara on November 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “Phantom need Love…”

  1. -Nice, Phantom is like a pupii as you have drawn. Me liki the picture! You should scan me as a short phantom and kate as zoro!! Heh thouse are funni.

    !P.S. Ok we are starting the commenting and critique trade, so that there will be hopefully comments between us. Niya->_

  2. is it ok if i post here?

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