The Silent Assassin


I am a silent assassin of the night. My sword are stained with the blood of hundreds of others. Many people despises me, due to my unwanted reputation. I bear no ill will towards those i hunt, but one must eat and make a living. There are many difficulties in this over populated metropolis, this place poses many dangers. The people living here are more cunning than those who lives in the country side. They know how to protect themselves from a invader like me. I dwell in darkness, under the crimson moon i search desperately for my next victim. Its been days since my last mission. I glides undetected across the glittering heaven. The air is chilly, the smokes from the tall chimneys blinds my watery eyes. I continue my way over the bustling city, looking for a vulnerable idiot.

Life isn’t always like this, I use to have a mother and many siblings. My familiar way of living were shuttered by my mother’s disappearance, she was in the same line of work as i am now. Like mother like daughter i guess. Soon after my brothers and sisters goes on their separate ways. Our path may never cross again, i was only a young lass when burden of survival falls upon my shoulders.

Those events are in the past, now i focus all my energy on my target. By luck, I find a open window, the colorful curtain flutters with the cold breeze. Without a sound i land inside of the room. The foolish person didn’t notice my existence, but he is well equipped. I can tell that he is asleep from his steady breath. I edges closer to his still form, I am nauseous from the smell that is emitting from him. It’s not easy to break through his first barrier of defense, but with my experiences, I can handle this little trick. I circle closer to him, after i steady my footing its time for the real show. Slowly i sink my sword into his flesh, the man leaps out from his bed and turns on the light. I am startled by his reaction and hides myself behind the closet. This is bad, he notices my presence. The man picks up a electric shocker, one of the many power weapons that i know. He starts swinging the rod of death towards me. I dodges most of his attacks, but sadly i wasn’t as fast as i thought. Even with my agility, i fail to block his incoming attacks. Electricity runs through my body. I falls to the ground, I know that my time is up. I failed my mission, the room swirls around me. Before the man delivers his final blow I remembers what my mother told me, the world is a hazardous place. Especially for us mosquitoes.


~ by hotara on November 20, 2006.

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