The Situation

A man tries to rescue a woman during a fire. The woman mistook him as a molester/thief. She has no idea that her apartment is on fire. She stabs the man by act of self-defense.

Woman’s point of View:

A breeze of cold wind carries the fallen leaves across the empty street. The dim lights of an antiquated street lamp shrines softly onto the stone pavement. The sandman sprinkles his golden dust into the air of this small town; almost all of its residents are now under the deep spell of sleep.  Inside a small and cozy apartment, a woman is stretched out on her fleecy bed.  Her indigo colored blanket forms a featherlike cocoon around her slender body.  Her fair skin gleams under the glow of the enchanted full moon. She has a look of serenity and peace upon her face as she falls deeper into the realm of dreams. A sweet scent of tangerine lingers in the atmosphere. But there is some other odor mixed within the ambrosial aroma. The young lady flinches her delicate nose at the smell, but she pays it no attention. It is not the first time that her neighbor fails at yet, another cooking experiment of theirs.  The woman buries her angelic face deeper into the puffy pillow; her dirty blond hair curls around her graceful fingers. Few minuets later, her world grows quiet, and her mind is put to rest.
She woke up startled at the sound of a footstep on the wooden floor.  She traces her sleepy sight to the source of the noise and sees the figure of a man. Her face twists with horror as she screams all the air out of her lungs. The man lunges at her as her coarse voice breaks through the deafening silence of the nocturne. The stranger grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth to mute her shriek. The frightened woman struggles with all the strength left in her fragile body as she twists her torso like a fish out of water. She cries for help with her muffled voice, but the world cannot hear her. The woman bites hard into the rough hand of her attacker as he tries the lift her out of the bed.  The mysterious man winces with pain as he withdraws his hands. With this chance, she rushes into the kitchen, opening all the drawers, in desperate search of something that she could defend herself with. The man approaches her slowly from the behind as he reaches out his hand to touch her shaky shoulder.  The woman turns in a graceful arc as she thrust her pale hands into the man’s chest. He opens his mouth but his voice was caught in his throat. His eyes wide open with agony as he falls back onto the icy marble. A single tear of torment rolls down his ashen cheek. The horrified woman drops the fruit knife onto the frozen stone. The knife in slow crescent motion falls onto the floor with a clunk. Dark blood splatters onto the untainted ground. The woman’s feature frozen like that of a stone angel her lips trembles at the horrendous sight. The young man breathes his last as he stares up the ceiling, the stench of burning timber and blood fills the room.

Man’s Point of View:

The constellations, like thousands of lanterns, lit up the night sky. The goddess of winter blows her cold breath upon the hibernating earth. A lone man walks on the stone paved road. In his hand, a cup of hot coffee gives off energy of warmth. He gently blows over the liquid, which seems to boil cupped tightly under his hands, his breath forms a thin sheet of white mist in front of him. The tip of his nose is red from the chilly breeze, and his red scarf dances with the wind. He slows down his step near an antique looking apartment. The pipes wheeze as heated air passes through them. Climbing ivy embraces the ageing building, two stone cherubs perches on the red rooftop. The young man smiles softly and leans back onto the iron railing. He raises his head slowly, his dark brown hair falls over his forehead. He glances at the third floor window with his watery grey eyes, filled with passion.  There dwells the woman who owns the fragments of his soul and pieces of his heart. His affection for her is a secret; he conceals his emotion within an invisible barrier. The man believes that one day he will have enough courage to express his emotions to his beloved. He blushes at the thought, and sink his cheeks into his red scarf. With the cup till in his hand, but empty of its contents, he turns away and began to walk up the street again. The man shot one last glance at the castle that shelters his adorable princess, but notices something dreadful.
Red glows of flames breaks through the hallway windows, black smoke floats towards the heaven like dark snakes. The man drops his cup onto the ground and sprints toward the burning building. As he reaches the entrance, he notices that the entrance is already blocked with a tongue of fire. In panic, he searches another way into the building. He spots the window, without second thoughts he grabs onto the nearest pipe and pulls his body upwards. He makes his way towards the damsel in distress. The rough red brick wall scratches his finger but he continues on, his sweat glistens on his determined face. His heart drums inside his chest as he steps into the room. The man let out a sign of relieve when he sees the sleeping figure of the woman he cherishes, a weak smile come across his face. As he approaches his sleeping beauty, his boot makes the wooden floor squeak. The man’s movement froze when he sees her uprising figure. The look on her sheet white face is burnt into the lens of the man and her wail pierces his eardrums. His heart raced as he runs toward the alarmed woman. The man tries to explain his circumstances, but her screams covers his logical words. In anxiety he puts his hand over her cherry like mouth, hushing her with gentle vocabulary. The man knows that there isn’t much time left; he tires to carry her to safety. The woman kicks and scratches at him, and bites him on the hand. He backs up as he feels the warm liquid trickles down his wrist. He looks up with worrying eyes and sees the shadow of his goddess springs towards the kitchen. He follows her in steady steps; his soul aches to see his angel in such terror and torture. He reaches out his hand to touch her trembling shoulder. A sweet aura of tangerine went up his nostrils right before the sharp pain he felt on his left chest. His vision blurs as he looks down at his white coat, a patch of dark red slowly expands from the wound.  The man opens his mouth, wanting to tell the woman how much he loves her. But the words never came out. He falls onto the floor with a dull thud, his grey eyes stares up beyond the grey ceiling towards eternality. His brown hair mingles with his dark blood. A tear of torment rolls down his ashen cheeks, as his vision fades to black.


~ by hotara on November 20, 2006.

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