The Smile *Prologue*

The Smile

“I want you to smile.” My father always said to me. So I smiled. Its been a week since my father was captured by the government. I remember that deadly night. I could still hear his cries for me to run away. And I ran, as fast as my artificial legs could.  Yes, I am not human, i am a doll, and my father calls me DOL. I was created to smile, my father told me that this world need more happy faces like mine.   He told me about the revolution that occurred a year ago. He said that many of his friends no longer lived in this world and he was alone.  He asked me to always stay by his side, and i will.  We lived a quiet and peaceful life, until the government heard about us. First, strange men showed up at our door, but my father always turned them down. One day he told me that someone would come and take me away so we must go some place where they can’t reach us. But our attempt to escape was futile, we were discovered. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see him again. Snow fell silently around me. As I lay in this world of white, something strange swelled up inside of me. I wonder if its something people call “sadness.” I want him to see my smile again. I lost my purpose of existance. I buried myself deeper into my empty shell, and wished that this world would disappear around me.


~ by hotara on November 20, 2006.

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