Paintings and Sculptures

Taken during my visit to the art museum in Washington, DC.

I am more of a classical person = =;;; my brain fails to understand and appreciate modern art sometimes lol but its all good :3

photo1.jpg photo-2.jpg

I love the wings, it really looked soft and fluffy. But i would probably hurt myself if i hug it…


The lighting is great ^^, i wish i can see this real life one day ~

photo4.jpg photo5.jpg

The frabric is prudy~ love at first sight lol


I hope i can paint like that one day ~


I know i should record and artist name and the title of the painting 😛 but i guess i am just a not very professional person heh.


~ by hotara on November 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “Paintings and Sculptures”

  1. lol don’t u just want to make fluffy wings out of clay :P? lol skills +_+ fluffy and clay don’t match for some reasons >.> but i like the wings XP

  2. wait…not clay =P STONE =.=” =3

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