Today’s Thought~aka T&T? Super market~

Meh, another day =D, my sleeping got all weird >< I wish i can wake up and see the blue sky once in a while. The sky of New York is always gray. I guess winter is really here =D. The temperature dropped all of a sudden. Caught me off guard, maybe its time to wear that feather stuffed coat of mine~


I took this picture on a road trip~I just can’t get enough of blue sky, but i wonder why I am afraid of flying… I guess I just don’t like people taking control over my life.


Flowers are really pretty but i guess they don’t last for a really long time, photograph is a really wonderful invention, a machine that preserves time. I wonder what other weird stuff we will come up with next~?


I suddenly remembered those preaching people on NY subway, saying the end of earth is coming and all. I wonder why would God want to destroy this beautiful world? Its beyond my understanding i guess. Maybe everyone should try to live a simple life, and maybe, they will find simple happiness that will fill up the vacuum of their heart.


Well this is all my rant for today XD, its thanks giving here >< and i just dreamed that going to eat a full thanksgiving dinner ;__; but i woke up before i can even start eating…I wonder what is the main course?


~ by hotara on November 24, 2006.

One Response to “Today’s Thought~aka T&T? Super market~”

  1. i like the first picture the most =D

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