After sleeping for 15 hours I had a couple of strange dream in a row = =lll

But I remember this event in my dream…It’s strange.

I dreamed that my family had a pet elephant, it followed us everywhere. We loved it very much and it loved us very much. One day the spirit of the elephant changed into a boy, he is exotic looking. He wore many jewelleries and the bell on his leg ringed when he walked. He fell in love a girl and told her that he loved her very much. However the girl fell in love with someone else so she rejected him. I stood there and watched every thing as it happened. He teared his elephant body into shreds, blood poured out from the destroyed body. Then the boy produced a sword and slowly run the blade across his throat. There’s only a red line at first, but slowly thick dark blood poured down like waterfall. He walked to his elephant body and laid in it. I stood in slience and stared into the river of red.
Hmm i don’t know why, it just felt strange, a feeling i can’t explain i guess. Not much of my dream acually made sense to me logically, but it somehow connect me with something else.


~ by hotara on December 2, 2006.

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