Goals of Summer – A.K.A GoS

Meh… At school waiting and waiting = =;;; so i thought maybe I’ll finally write something in here. I think i should list a goal for the summer =D


1. Find a Proper job and earn some $ / hopefully I’ll get more connections and more experiences
1.5. Open Bank account and get a loan.
2. Get Windows on my Mac computer = =;; (RO here I come)
3. Brainstorm script for the super hero flash
4. Find housing with Maria
5. Work on PigTail studio and Dark Mania
5. Prepare for AE – give money to Karen ect ect ect.
6. Work on sketch book and Last War, if possible.
7. Develop my storylines more as I work on them, and organize them.
8. Do something with animation, even though i don’t know what…
9. Probably learn flash, first get software from Maria +__+
10. * I hope i can get some commission* mummble…


1. Go to the beach at least once
2. Ride bike around Stanley Park
3. Go bowling watch movie + House of the DEAD +_+
4. Swimming + other sports like pool?
5. Attend the firework festival
6. Eat cheesecake and drink tea
7. Go to everyone’s place and sleep ova =D ova ova ova…
8. BBQ?

Hopefully more to come

Why do I have more work than fun = =? lllorz

I guess summer is really coming even though it is still spring here =D, the weather is getting warm and nice, and the cherry blossoms bloomed, going to the flower viewing festival this week. Looking forward~ *dances around in circles*


~ by hotara on April 23, 2007.

One Response to “Goals of Summer – A.K.A GoS”

  1. Lots of stuff to do for ya~ 😀 I wish you all the best.

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