Project – Piano Prince


Piano Prince

This is small project that our studio decided to work on. The character design was inspired by a Chinese contest called Piano Prince.

Our submission entry:




Creators: Jennifer Xu, Maria Baidakova, Kate Rhodes, Liliana Diaz

Character Profile: Anthony Xu

Age: 12

Height: 142cm

Weight: 84 lbs or 42 kg

Birthdate: December 12, 1996

Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac: Rat

Blood Type: A

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue Gray

Interests: Playing Piano, going to concerts, reading, playing soccer, watching movies, boating, collecting seashells on the beach, playing with his pets.

Fav Food: Popsicles, Italian ice, noodles and spring rolls.

Fav Drink: Soda Pop, mango Juice, and chocolate milk.

Dislikes: Crustaceans, ghosts, pop quizzes/tests, not being able to play piano.

Personality: Cheerful but shy, timid yet passionate. Though he is a bit stubborn, he is very loyal to his friends and his parents. He does not care much about status, he just wants to do what he loves. Though he may seem immature when he plays the piano, he expresses emotions beyond his age.

Background: born and raised by a Chinese father and an Italian mother, Anthony is influenced by both of his parent’s cultures. Though he lives in Xiamen, he frequently uses Italian sayings. His mother believes that he should embrace his dual background and be fluent in both languages. He goes to a normal public middle school and obtains very good grades, although he does not like studying too much. His mother is a travel agent and his father is an engineer. They both want their son to get into a good college and get a stable well paying job. Anthony did not have goal or passion in life so he was able keep up with his parent’s ambitions without much protest. One day his best friend who is unenthusiastic about music decided to drag him along to one of his piano lessons to keep him company. Anthony is intrigued by his friend’s ability to play and his teacher allows him to try it out as well. As soon as he plays his first measure he feels a great sensation and sense of purpose. From that day forward he begins to take lessons with his friend and because his teacher becomes fond of Anthony, she allows him to take these lessons for free. At first he did this for fun but as he progressed in his lessons the piano began to become a part of his soul. so much in fact that he begins to ignore his studies. His parents are ok with his new hobby but once they discover that his grades are suffering they forbid him from continuing his lessons. This is not because his parents don’t care about him, they just don’t believe that the path of a pianist is a stable enough carrier. Though his parents order was very clear he continues to take lessons with his piano teacher behind their back. As his talent develops his faithful piano teacher encourages him to play in a recital on Piano Island. Though he knew his parents would be against it he asks them to attend the recital anyway. They respond very angrily for his insubordination and do not tell him if they will go or not. Anthony is very upset about this but under the support of his friends and mentor, he is able to pass the competition and is allowed to play in the recital. On the night of the recital, after many contestants complete their pieces, Anthony plays a very emotive “Moonlight Sonata” with maturity beyond his age. The performance touches the hearts of the audience, including his parents. His parents who had never seen such a passion within their son were moved to tears. With his parents’ approval, Anthony began his long journey into the world of music.

~ by hotara on March 26, 2009.

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