Strange Dream # 565496840

Yup I havn’t written anything in a long long time. May due the fact that my life is uneventful and I am an lazy arse, and I don’t really wana post anything related to my thesis. But thesis is what I do most of the time / slacking off.

I had a strange dream last night =D. Not the first but I think I can write it down for future reference :3

I dreamed that I was with my friend in a futuristic setting. We are inside her flat/pent house, and a giant mecha comes marching down the streets. We tried to hide somewhere because the mecha carries a dead weapon that sends a destructive blue sound wave that would vaporize living organisms. Somehow knowing this we hide in a shelter that she have to would prevent us from being killed. When the mecha finally used the weapon we were hit by the wave and I thought I was going to burst but thanks to the shelter, I am okay. Once the first wave passed I knew that most human would be wiped out and only empty buildings would be left on this world. I tried to call my friend and finds out that she some how survived the attack, so I begin thinking there but be other survivors out there.

The dream suddenly ended and I dreamed about fairies with guardian kittens and chickens lol.

I thought I might use the idea above for my story in the future =D I liked how the weapon worked so this may turn into useful refrences. yay~


~ by hotara on June 20, 2009.

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