Dream Dairy – Keeping Reality in Check.

Lili, you did not wake me up in an hour D: Therefore I had really epic dreams again = =…  I thought I should write it down and use it as reference. Gotta catch those ideas before they drift away!

I dreamed that I was a resident in a strange land. I was a man who is an apprentice or a mage or a warrior. I was battling two brothers who could run in great speed. During the battle I was flying frantically in circles because I could find my magic skill button. And the two brothers could keep up with my flying by leaping from stone pillars to stone pillars. Yesh its like an rpg… but except you experience everything. Maybe that what 3D gaming would feel like in the future. But in the dream I was panicking because I couldn’t find any ranged attacks and its impossible to target them with normal attacks. It feels like multitasking while you are running for your life. I managed to finish one of the brothers, but the other one was more angered by such an act. I remember talks of their father or something i the dream. I couldn’t remember whether the killed the remaining person or not. But I do remember that someone was chocking me to death and I didn’t want to retaliate because I felt extremely sorry for them and guilty myself. Luckily someone convinced the man to stop and my comrades came over and asked me if I were alright and we should keep on moving and continue our journey. Later on I learn why the strange world was created. Apparently a writer who is 44 wanted to live past 88 and asked a herbal medicine master to make a elixir that would allow him to live for an eternity. The medicine maker was 28 or 29 at the time. He made the elixir, however the medicine killed the writer. Feeling guilty the medicine master wrote a story and created this fictional world in the honor of the writer, hoping that he would redeem himself.

The city was an medieval like/era city have emenced in water. And apparently only those who have higher social standing could enter the water part. Observe my crappy diagram = =ll


lol that was really bad but if you get the general idea, add a spice of your own imagination please 😛

Suddenly in the city I was a Japaneses swords man and had many enemies. My friend decided to pull out with his love of his life and leave me to deal with those punks. There were around 16 of them, but one person out of that group was especially strong. I dealt with the weaker ones and the scene suddenly shifts to my friend. He had people chasing after him for debt so I beg and told them that he was going to marry soon and told them to have mercy on him. To delay more time, he told the debt collector that his wife is expecting a baby soon. The debt collector softens and lets him go. Later on he jokes with his girl in the hotel how he need to pull out all those people just to save his own butt. And then they search through the city to find the Japanese swords man. He believed in the swords man’s skill and did not worry too much. It was already dark when they headed outside. Poor people were sleeping in cramped allies on beds made from straw. Some resident warns him that its dangerous to wonder the night because there are areas that are haunted. The friend took caution and returned to where they left their swordsman friend, under the arched gate where the battle took place but discovers he is no longer there. Something told him that the battle was still going on and his friend is battling a very strong opponent. He decided to search for him and my dream ended there.

Though I wanted to know what happened after but hey too bad = =;; I woke up lol

~ by hotara on August 4, 2009.

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