Must write things for my new baby Dragons !

My eye balls are popping out = =lll well from one obvious reason: Lack of sleep…

I was up till 3 yesterday being extremelytalkative . . . and I saw the trailer for Cirque du freak, which is a brilliant serie btw everyone should go read it. But I was really angry and disappointed, because the trailer feels extremely main stream and American . . .

The characters feels out of place and the over all imagery was nothing like what I imagined, or anything inspiring or new. Sigh maybe I shouldn’t expect much out of movies these days. The sixth Harry Potter movie was nice but I found too many loop holes to take it seriously and I was never a fan of the latter books. My obsession stopped at volume 4 lllorz. 

So I went to bed after ranting to my friends but I couldn’t fall asleep = =;; For some reason I felt extremely creeped out by something, or just unpleasent. I was about to fall asleep and I heard something creeking, it sounded like the door to my bed room but I couldn’t be sure . . . and then I thought I heard muffled thuds on the carpet that sounded like foot steps. So after that I was slightly freaked out =D But our apartment being semi haunted was never a surprise, though sometimes it just gets to you = =lll So after calming myself down I finally went to bed, but was woken at 6:45 next morning because I have a job . . . yeah.

So no wonder I’m not in the right mind today =D

~ by hotara on August 7, 2009.

One Response to “Must write things for my new baby Dragons !”

  1. lol omg there is a diary section!?! lolz woooo is that why u were feeling doomed 😛 lolz? but u dont feel like doing anything :P?

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