My Dragon Eggs Died . . .

Well that just shows how many people actually visit me = =;  MY BABIES!!!!!!! WAH!

Anyways . . . I’ll get over it ;__; 

On the happy note! I got mai self a new laptop =D no… I don’t have it yet and didn’t pay for it yet. But! I did place an order yay. Thanks to Maria, lub lub you! Its an Alienware M17 with glowing red keys +__+ I am gonna name it Kitt!

Behold! Feast your eyes upon awesomeness.  

This makes me sparkles from the inside =D, it might not be the best laptop out there but its enough for me ^^

And on Wednesday me and moi buddies went to the beach =D. My second or third time in my life to swim in the ocean. The pebbles hurts mai feet and the water is salty. I also had to feel naked in public but hey it was really fun XD!  


~ by hotara on August 14, 2009.

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