Dream Log

Maria your floor was still kinda hard, even with six layers of blankets. And thanks to Kate I still froze with two layers of blankets. But I love you guys none the less >3<

After going to the water park we all went to sleep early and I had one of the most epic dream in a while, not that my other dreams are not epic enough already. I thought I might want to write it down in case I want to use it for something. So here we go~ and no stealing *tisk tisk* I’ll haunt those in their sleep if they do and you can bet they won’t get a decent after life too = =;

The story takes place in the 1930s, in another dimension similar to our own. There lived a powerful magician respected by all the country’s inhabitants. However due to an unknown virus he was forced to kill many people. The people begin to loath him because the virus was kept a secret from them. The magician wanted to find a cure for the virus and restore world order, so he, along with his assistant, locked themselves up and isolated themselves away from the public. The public, blinded by rage, thought that he ran away because of his guilt. In their secret lair the magician worked night and day to find a cure/spell to counter the effects of the virus. The only person who had faith in him was his assistant. In his lair he had gathered many victims body in order to study them. Hospital beds were stacked on top of each other. The sheets were brown, for they were once covered in blood. Different victims heads were hang from trees. One day the magician finally found the spell for restoring world balance, so he and his assistant traveled the world in disguises in search of the ingredients. The magician had to cross dress as a girl at one point and stayed in Manhattan, NY. The king of the country heard the rumor that the magician was still alive and issued a warrant on him. He would award any one with great wealth if they could bring the magician to him, alive or dead. Thus all the head hunters in the world launched after the unfortunate magician. No one would believe his innocence except a few who are willing to help him on his quest. So in the end the magician finally gathered all the ingredient but the last one. He couldn’t figure out what was the last ingredient, and the hunters were gaining on him. The poor magician was caught off guard when he was conjuring the spell and was killed. The assistant thought all was lost until she saw that the spell was completed. The last ingredient turns out to be the blood of the innocent. As the magician’s blood spilled into the bowl the spell was complete. So the assistant took the bowl and drank the liquid that was inside and transformed into a goddess that would restore world balance.

My dream ended there :3 sorry for my awful grammar and spelling = =;; Interesting no?

~ by hotara on August 27, 2009.

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