lol yeah I know I should be doing work, shut up conscience …

But anyways I only decided to play a little bit before I knew it I was near the ending so of course I had to finish it D: I think I might have just experienced the most intense button crunching and fist fight of mai life. It was a really great game, though I didn’t end up crying even when the story was sort of depressing. I guess it has that bitter sweet quality to it. I enjoyed Metal Gear Solid 4 a lot!

Back to mai thesis, its going to places … I am a bit slow than I would like to be but I did complete 4 backgrounds. Now all I wish is that I may finish around 2 min when mai thesis deadline comes up on Oct 7th and pray to God that I get a scholarship so I can hire me some slaves. Though I don’t think they are called slaves when they are getting PAID! YAY! So hope I’ll be able to receive a scholarship and continue mai education . . . I mean if this doesn’t work out I am going to start telling little kids that its pointless to get good grade in the first place.


~ by hotara on October 5, 2009.

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