BlogSpot you Epically Fails …

WORDPRESS YOU ROCK! the editing system is so much better here…

I tried to make a blog for my thesis project this year at SVA, so naturally I decided to use blog spot because that is where all  the animation people are . . . But guess what, just because a lot of people is using it doesn’t mean its good. I hate every fiber of that editing system for posts. I practically have to spend 20 min fixing one post for it to look right and by the end of it I wish I can set my blog on fire. I should just open a separate blog here for my thesis.  but sadly I could miss all the community fun and interactions. So what if I get no traffic and no social connections with other people! I say having a private island is way better than staying in a leaking apartment = =;;;

Above picture demonstrates what I feel toward my blog. If only you can nuke the virtual world…

So stay tuned for my new blog on my Project! And of course I’ll still post mai nonsense here 😀 yay

Hmmm I have a feeling that my title doesn’t make any grammatical sense…

~ by hotara on October 19, 2009.

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