Epic Day

Yesterday was truly mind blowing. My friends and I watched three movies in one day, because we figure it be a waste of time to travel to the theater 3 times so might as well see it one go. We saw It’s Complicated, The Princess and the Frog and Avatar in Imax 3D ( which is incredible +_+ ).

It’s Complicated is… well complicated lol I advice people who like romantic comedy to watch it on DVD. Princess and the Frog was good, I liked it. Disney finally have a prince with a soul/personality which is a good thing :D. As much I liked the movie it felt different from other Disney classics for some reason I can’t put my finger on. And this is spoiler but . . . WHY DOES THINGS HAVE TO DIE? !!?!?! I mean its not even a plot device D: But hey I recommend all animation student to go see it, not like that they didn’t already = = since I’m probably one of the last bunch of people to go.

And lets move onto Avatar. YES GO SEE THAT MOVIE! IGNORE THE PLOT because its like Fern Gully: The Last RainForest.

Yeah.. That is the plot of the movie pretty much = =;; Though don’t watch the video if you haven’t seen the movie yet. But I do recommend everyone to go see Avatar in movie theater if not Imax 3D! Best visual experience ever, with the sound system in theater you can actually feel your seat vibrate with each explosion.

One complaint I have is the plot is not logical at all . . . I wonder why no body ever read the Art of War in Hollywood. We all know the best way to win is to kill the leader. WHY DOES NO ONE THINK OF THAT?! I know there won’t be a movie if you killed the villain too early in the game but at the same time it would make it more interesting if there is other plot devices other than smite the evil dwellers. I also felt sorry for the side character for they are pretty much props. They are born into existence for the pure purpose of getting blown up in a pretty explosion or being killed by main characters. Its sad.

But other than that I think its a well done hollywood entertainment blockbuster =D and yesh, blue aliens are DAMN SEXY! and pretty colors makes everything OKAY!

Note to Kate, GO SEE THAT FILM! SO MUCH REFERENCE FOR YOUR COMIC! Seriously we all thought of you when we saw that film when the planets are hanging above in the sky. I imagined that it was what you want your planet to look like +__+.


~ by hotara on December 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Epic Day”

  1. Your Conscious:
    Finish your goddamn animation.
    ~Love, What is left of your sanity

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