Goals of the Year

This time of the year again 😀 time to make my goal sheet :3

  1. Finish Thesis
  2. Apply for OTP
  3. Find a job/make money
  4. Research how to open a business with Maria
  5. Help finish Story Ark magazine
  6. Help Lili start one man navy series
  7. Attend Otakon!
  8. Start working on SSP pitch book
  9. Make cosplay stuff during summer

Whew that should cover it 😀 2010 is gonna be a busy year =D

And for those who believe in the Apocalypse at 2012, you  better watch out. Because I’m gonna go and punch each of you on the face before the apocalypse finishe you off.

Think POSITIVE =D ! we need more positive energy in this world :3

~ by hotara on January 4, 2010.

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