My religion – Jefiferism

After being fed up with with humanity I decided to make my own faith~

I will list the rules and hopefully it will be written in to a illustrated book with giant letterings.

  1. All people who led a good life are allowed to do what ever the want in the after life. ( good meaning the basic laws like, you don’t kill, you don’t steal, you don’t rape, you don’t hurt people intentionally etc etc. )
  2. All horrible people will turn into rocks and be forced to reflect what they’ve done in the life and the harm it caused other people. They will have dreams about how they are in the other person’s position and such. I’ll personally educated all rocks to become better people, or the wiser me will . . . As a rock you may level up and eventually become awesome individuals.
  3. Even if you led a proper good life on Earth doesn’t mean you can go and harm other people in the after life. If anyone violate this law, they will automatically pass out on the spot before they can commit or think horrible things. They will dream for a day how the other person feels and be placed in the other person’s shoes.
  4. Your final goal is to be an awesome person who will eventually obtain enlightenment! Good luck!

I have two disciples, Katia, who is the keeper of rocks, and  Joan the awesome, who is another keeper of rocks. Cause we figured we are gonna have lots of rocks.

This faith will not interfere with any of your after life plans, because I said you can do anything. If you want to drink tea with Jesus that is completely up to you~ And its cool if you wana play chess with Buddha that is up to you too.


~ by hotara on February 3, 2010.

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