A Stroke of Genius

So while conversing with my pal we came up with the best sci-fi idea eva.

Imagine a planet as big as a million suns. That planet is called


The gravity on that planet will be so immense that its inhabitants will be way smaller than your average i pods.

The planet is populated by the Gargantuians, who are 3 cm tall, peace loving  people who hunts whales that are about the size of pigeons.

Traveling is is virtually impossible, however with a world that huge it takes a while just to get familiar with your own natural surroundings.

There are hundreds of mini suns constantly revolving around Gargantua 1 providing light to the huge planet. Time zones are really messed up.

Now just add Avatar graphics and there you go, the next blockbuster for the decade! Who ever wants this honor contact me and we’ll talk.


~ by hotara on March 12, 2010.

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