Dream Log yet again~

Since I’m scanning stuff anyways I might as well document something for future reference :3

My dream last night was pretty strange so i thought I might write it down. I dreamed that I lived with a large family in a hut padded with soft beddings. All family members sleep together on the floor and the big family include many generations. Apparently the family spirit lingers around the house as well and everyone is well aware of his existence and often ask him for advice. I guess he must of passed around around his thirties and his clothe looked modern despite other family member’s clothing looked traditional.  I was having casual conversion with the elder and the spirit, the spirit jokes about how its really weird to see his dependents all grown up and each has a family. I asked the elder why the spirit looked so normal like an alive and well person. The elder explains that I lacked the sight to see his true form and offered me a piece of KitKat chocolate. I ate the chocolate and was freaked out for a second because I now see the spirit as a skeleton carrying his own head. I asked the spirit how he lost his head, he laughed and told me that its a long story and he’ll tell me later. The spirit also let me on a secret. He told me that one can tell how long a person would live by looking at a number on their spine/neck by using their spirit sight. I looked around the room and saw different dates and numbers on each person, but i didn’t have the heart to tell them of their life span, for some reason when I wondered about my life span I didn’t have number. But it didn’t really bother me.  I was really reassured in my dream that there is an after life since I had a chat with a spirit. The scene changes to a play. My friends and I were going to watch the plan with the spirit but he suddenly had to go, then I saw the grim reaper gliding past the crowds in search of someone, and i my dream I was hoping that it wasn’t someone I know. My mental imaged followed the spirit, I saw the grim reaper glide past in front of the spirit, then I was the spirit talking to a plump black lady. She urges him that he should go back and do his job as a reaper or there might be consequences and perhaps the Grim Reaper was looking for him. The spirit dismiss the idea and told the lady that he likes it up here and wishes to stay longer. I also learned that he is to collect some sort of text. And with all the text combined the final code would be able to hack into any kind of technology in the world and therefore would cause total chaos. And it is the spirits job to prevent those text to fall into the wrong hand.

But in the next part of my dream it happened anyways = =;;  My friend and I were going through the subways and all of a sudden the numbers on the subway card started changing and many people where trapped in the subway. All the trains lined up on seven different tracks and people are free to walk from on train to the other. Some one was running aways from the trains and urging me not to get on. I had to wait for a friend to get off but a creepy train conductor holding a lantern emerges from the tunnels and closed off the gates. The trains started moving down the tunnel and I woke up. I never did find out where I was going, but I wondered if I really wanted to know.

~ by hotara on April 19, 2010.

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