Dream Log # Who know what

Some concepts I dreamed up for my stories, I thought I should write them down so I don’t forget about them later.

I dreamed a way, or a possibility of how people with special powers may perceive their powers. Well in my dream I saw in the view of someone with superpowers, they see the world in a different way. On item or things that their power have effects on their vision high lights it with a specific color. Say example, someone with the power of fire will see the pipes in the walls highlighted in a glowing red line while the rest of their surrounding are black and white. Because turns out the gas in those pipes are flammable. For a person with physic power they see the objects they can influence highlighted in glowing purple, and they also have the ability to dig into someone’s mind. Each person/creature have their own mind defense in different shapes and forms, and it is difficult to take control of another person without breaking their defense first.

I saw the physic girl fighting a dog/bird creature. It has tentacle tongues that could melt through any object and acid spits, but in order for the girl to take control of the monster she have to break the creature’s mental defense first. The girl reached into the creature’s mind and sees a garden of thorns, and she must break through the thorns to reach the center component that made up the monster’s mind.

Thats when my dream shifted into another dream where I told my friend my previous dream so I could remember it . . . in my dream . . . so yeah this happens a lol haha~

Anyways I’ll use this reference later so peace out guys~

~ by hotara on May 19, 2010.

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