Vivid Dream of Dinosaurs

Well, this is no the first time I dreamed about dinosaurs on a rampage . . . Jurassic Park curse you, ruined my childhood forever. I don’t know about you guys  but when saw those dinosaurs chewing up people I can imagine the teeth going through the bone and flesh. Not a pleasurable experience = =;; Thus, my childhood traumas results in all sort of nightmares involving dinosaurs . . . Great heres another one today.

First I dreamed that my friend is angry at me for some reason, then I felt nostalgic about going to school together. . . The surroundings are totally different than the world I live in today but for some reason I just couldn’t shake off that familiar feeling like I knew the place. And it bothers me sometimes, because no one can explain why to me.

Anyways the scenes changes and I am in my room again with a bunch of people that I don’t know, but in the dream I’m friends with them. We heard distance thunder and we don’t know what it is, I wasn’t really nervous about it because I thought it could be just a plane or a truck, but the guy I’m with begin to shut all the blinds in the apartment. He knew there is something outside, and if it sees us it will be bad. At that point I knew what it was too. The giant carnivore got closer and peered in from the gaps between the shades and spotted us, its eyes is as big as one man’s head. Then everyone started to panic, first we tried to run to the other room, but the giant creature crashed through the third floor window. We all ran down stairs, without a choice we are forced into the open. That made me felt extremely vulnerable, because there is no where to hide and for all I know I might be eaten any minuet. Soon I saw people pouring out from their apartments looking to get away, now there is dinosaurs running everywhere on the streets. I saw a couple of children getting eaten then I saw a dinosaur combined with a motorbike . . . It has five seats on its back and a handle to control it. My friends and I got on the dinosaur and headed towards the iron gate, we pulled the iron gate open and we’re out on the streets looked for a safe place to stay. But the trouble is that there are so many people running away the streets are crowded with traffic, its impossible to get anywhere on a giant vehicle like the ones we have. There are not only cars on the street but giant elephants that people are ridding. Some are mammoths with their rider, and some are wounded but still walking along. Its getting late and we objected to travel at night because there are predators around, so we stayed at an inn, and we wondered what our next step will be.

Then my dream shifted to back to the apartment, there are still some families trapped in the building because of the little raptors. They hang about the doors of this family, the mother is on the ground with a pool of blood around her. The father is sitting white faced on the armchair. A bucket of raw meat is outside of the door distracting the raptors. Their little son locked the door shut, then he was intrigued by something outside the door. He peered through the key hole and saw a older version of himself. It turns out the raptors can transform themselves into different thing to hunt their prey. The little boy slowly opened the door and the father is in shock. The man walked in and surveyed around the room then walked out, just when the boy was going to close the door again a hand stopped him. The boy panicked and tried to run into the bath room forcing the door shut. Just when the doors are about to be closed it was stopped half way and swung open. The man walks in and the boy backs to a corner, then the man bit him on the neck. My dream ended there.

Conclusion to this dream, dinosaurs are mad creepy.

~ by hotara on May 26, 2010.

One Response to “Vivid Dream of Dinosaurs”

  1. I didn’t know you had a fear of dinosaurs…

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