My Cosplay list


I was going to sew some costumes over the summer, you know . . . do what I want for fun once in a while. BUT I HAVE NO MONIES! MONIESSSS . . . so mai list just keep on piling up because life has been kicking my butt. AND IT HURTS!

Anyways :3 gonna just write down mai list so I’ll work on it one day XD probably gonna go to otakon as Luffy ~

1.) Random assassin from Assassin’s Creed

2.) Issun from Okami

3.) Luffy from One Piece

4). Medicine Seller from Mononoke

5). Vivi from FF9

6.) Tron Mickey from ?? Imagination . . .

7.) The fury from MGS3

8). Team Rocket Grunts DONE

Yup thats all for now 😀 gotta cross them out one by one = =;

Oh and Kate if you cosplay Snake I’ll cosplay Otacon for you :D~ Sparkles lol

~ by hotara on June 2, 2010.

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