Dream Entry Notes…

Man this blog serves more like my dream dairy than anything else = =;;;

Just writing down some ideas I got from my dreams and reserving it for later use.

Few nights ago I dreamed of a maze like storage with thousands of cubbies each labeled by different numbers addressed to different people. In my dream I got a job as one of the delivery person and I was instructed to deliver the packages given to me. However I was warned that whatever that I’m delivering will manifest themselves in reality and I should deliver them as fast as possible. I got the recipient’s cubby number and it was a ridiculous number like 9000, I was dumb founded because I had no idea where it is. The storage is constructed in wood with several floors, it is extremely easy to get lost in there. The package on my hand begin to manifest into reality and it was something about zombies, I was told to run and don’t look back. I turned and saw some zombies running after me, I thought to my self “crap” and started running in search of the corresponding number.


The next dream I want to document takes place on a night street in a city under attack. There are blimps carrying bombs over head of me as I look for a place to hide. But there is nothing on that street except gold and jewelry shops, I tried to hide in one of the vault but I guess that won’t be much protection during a bombing… I also saw 30s/40s cars driving down the streets, but instead of wheels they hover above the pavements.


Dreams of a wish granting dragon. It appeared to those who can successfully summon it and asks the summoner to complete one task that hey promised they would do. After the completion of the quest the dragon will grant the individual their wish, but at the same time he will take one thing away from the person. After the wish is granted the person will have eternal bond with the dragon. I summoned the dragon in my dream and it asked me if I really wanted to do this. I don’t think I would.

Thats all~ saving these information for future uses 😛

Peace out y’all ~

~ by hotara on July 1, 2010.

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