Dream Log Entry 2

Well seems like this blog is turning into my dream dairy . . . but hey I can use them for inspirations so why not. Its interesting how I post more imaginary stuff here rather than my real life. Seriously there is nothing going on = =

Here it goes, I was taking photograph in my dream. I saw a hill covered in emerald grass and it glows crystal green, then beside it I saw a white pyramid with blue patterns rotation behind it. The patterns made the pyramid glow blue. I had my camera with me so I really wanted to take those photos, but for some reason someone in my family tells me to stay with them and keep something from falling over. I got really pissed off because I missed the opportunity to take those photos and started yelling at people, stating that people never really cared about how I feel about things and what is important to me. On the emerald grassy hill there stood a building, inside the building housed some soldiers that returned from the battle field that awaits for their family to come. The building also acted as a school/orphanage ( I Think…) so there were children playing outside. I walked passed the building and one of the boys hurled an insult at me. Being the angry person I am, I punched him on the face and kicked him around. I felt kinda bad afterward but thinks that he’ll recover from it, but I was wrong. The boy united the other children and started a group, they hayjacked the weapons from the storage and decided to wipe out all the adults. The group of children locked themselves in the building and started to kill off all the returning soldiers, while their families were locked outside. The teachers outside thought that there is no other way but to take down the children by force. A sister of the boy said if any one dare to harm her brother she will kill them. I suggested going in there myself since I started to whole thing and felt extremely guilty. Maybe I can find the boy and talk some sense into him, even though I do not look forward to entering the slaughter house…

Inside the building are rooms like mazes, it was dark and the entire structure is made from wood and concrete, I ran through the maze to avoid the violent children in search of the boy.

Yup thats all~

and no I don’t punch orphans in real life D:

~ by hotara on July 16, 2010.

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