Dark Mania

Dark Mania Offical Members


Image by: K



Leader & Writer of DM, Head of Chinese department, Coser

1989/8/11 (Leo)

Nathanael Lang, some call me “N” for short. Pure evil, daily entertainment is watching ppl suffer and seeing how others make a fool of themselves. I don’t get mad easily, but when I do, you better stay away from me (or run for your lives lol). My favorites change very often and I have a somewhat non caring personality about stuff. I may seem cold and hard to socialize with, but I am actually quite enthusiastic when you get to know me. I have short-term memory, am addicted to glasses, BL is my life and cosplay is my everything. My interests include reading, writing, drawing, photographing, collecting interesting stuff, throwing shoes/stuff at people, and whacking others. I’m into Japanese and Chinese culture, like things to be kept simple, and not that fond of sweets and fried food.


Color: black, crimson

Place: high/quiet places, seashores

Season: autumn, summer

Bev: Tea (apple green tea, Jap green tea, rose tea, & a kind of Chinese tea)

Food: rice cracker wrapped in seaweed , watermelon, , reimen, roasted sweet potato



‘…’ of DM

‘…’ = 1. vice president
2. head of Korean department
3. someone
4. passenger # 2
rarely a draw-er, sometimes a writer, mostly just an daydreamer

Dec., 27th, 1987 (Capricorn)

My full name must be something involving C and K. Christine, Katherine, that sorts. The members call me CK, so why bother? I don’t like conflicts or arguments when not necessary. Although I don’t seem to be trying hard, I’m into drawing, and writing. To define how I socialize or how I handle those that I care, two words : jealousy and extreme fondness (oops, that’s three). You’d better wish you may not be my special someone whether as a lover or as a friend. I wouldn’t be very happy seeing you hanging out with somebody else.


Color: all time favourite – black, and recent sudden lover – red of (255,0,0), Nintendo DS Lite Pink, quite like green as well

Place: in the bed with blanket up to my mouth and with my feet out, in a bus sleeping with my beloved one beside me

Season: I think I like all four seasons but I don’t like each season when NOW is in it. I think I like the seasons only when I think about them as scenes of background. But I still like how the weathers don’t stay the same and keeps changing. (WTH -_-… I don’t get what I’m saying )

Bev: COLD milk tea, TH’s iced cappuchino, SB’s vanilla crème, BC’s hot chocolate, OJ’s pina colada & strawberry banana

Food: meat, meat, meat, but no ham, sausage, meatballs, plain cheese & Hawaiian pizza, most seafood with shrimp/prawnleading.



Illustrator of DM

1989/4/24 (Taurus)

My name is Karnelloth. I’m mostly called by Karnell, the shortened form of my name (well, some just call me K). I’m having interests in drawing and reading comics (especially for BLs, lol). I like people who are cautious and speak stiffly. Well, but I am very active and like to talk with people. People say I’m silly and stupid. They also say that I easily get fooled by others. Almost every time I’m running, I trip down (sometimes, even when I’m just walking). My feelings change very often, you might not get used to it so soon. I hate to be cold, sleepy and hungry. I do not like loneliness but whenever I feel lonely I eat sweets like lollys, cakes and chocolates. I can’t live without sweets!


Color: crimson, Black. Blue, White and Green

Place: On top of a stone fence, Places where wind blows quietly, Cake shops and Candy shops

Season: Summer and Fall

Beverage: Hot Chocolates!!! <<…, Lemonade and strawberry juice


M – NATSUYUKI (AKA: M-CHAN)Water ( 淼 )

Make-up Artist of DM

1987/12/30 (Capricorn)

I am the quietest one in the group, because I don’t like to talk much, and I am also the one that doesn’t do much. I enjoy reading manga, though it is more of an entertainment than an addiction, I am not really into it or BL, unlike the rest of the members. I like to be in the bathroom, well, cuz when you’re in the bathroom, you can turn the water on all you like, cuz other ppl will think that you’re showering. And in the bathroom, there is a sense of being alone, like you are the only person in the world at the very moment; itz quiet and you won’t be distracted. I wish I could live in a dream than in real life, cuz life is so cruel. That is also why I read manga and fiction novels, cuz itz far away from reality.


Color: purple, black

Place: really high & windy/quiet places, beach, bathroom

Season: winter, autumn

Bev: bubble tea, watermelon milkshake

Food: junk food, rice



Sun ( 曦 )

Illustrator of DM

1988/9/23 (Virgo/Libra)

I go by many names =D but most calls me Hotara (you don’t need to know moi real name). I am also the author of the manga Last War. I am shy when you first meet me but once I get to know you I never shut up. I enjoy the company of friends, star gazing and travel. I am also a big fan of *cough* B *cough* L, but I also like straight couples =D. I am pretty open as long as the couple is good. I am pretty laid back…and I slack off a lot = =;;; but over all I think I am a nice person :3

Color: do not have specific color, but I like many =P

Place: under the starry sky, windy places, on the beach

Season: I like all of them = =;;; but i like summer and fall the most

Bev: Green tea mocha

Food: Potato, Ice Cream mochi


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  1. Whenn is sooon???

  2. nevaaaa lol

  3. haha you need to gimme the info man = =;;; so i can post it +_+

  4. part of my intro sounds weird.. i want to change it…

  5. this was kinda ummm interesting

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