What is it? This a group of Artists that will be holding joint projects, from animations to comics. Also it is a promoting group in where the artist comment on each other’s work and learn from each other! So give us all the support that you can!


hotara-link –Hotara’s blog, “Invisible Wings”.
About the Artist: I am a first year animation student at The School of Visual Arts. I want to make my own animation someday, and right now I am stocking up story ideas. I like to draw imaginative image more than realistic, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t draw realistic. I am good with both style. Observation drawing and others. One day I wish I can tell my story to the world


mb-link –M.B.(Maria Baidakova) blog.
About the Artist:Currently a first year student at School of Visual Arts, majoring in Animation. “When I am animating making magic is what I strive for!” As a creator I am fully responsible for ideas, concept designs, art, life and magic. I hope that someday you will feel the magic connection between my world and yours.

kevin-link –This is Kevin Raganit’s blog.
About the Artist: I currently attend the School of VisualArts taking Illustration courses. The images I produce are both imaginary and observe with specializing medium; graphite, pastel, charcoal, and ink. The imaginative work can be either dark or childish. Observe work involves people, mostly friends, doing their daily routines everywhere. My style can be from tight details to loose, distinctive images.


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